Inspiration, Imagination, & Faith

I spent many years trapped within my own imagination with no sustainable outlet. I’d have bursts of inspiration, but my imagination would falter. Then at other times my imaginings were so full they couldn’t be contained to my dreams, yet I still doubted. I didn’t realize the relationship between the two is contingent on something I’d never had a shortage of when it came to getting through hard times or encouraging a friend. Faith.

Faith, imagination, and inspiration all work together to assist us in creating a life worth living! When these elements combine we can accomplish the magnificent!

It has taken me ten years to get my first story on to the page. But now that I have begun, I am determined to spend the rest of my life telling stories that inspire us to live out our greatest joys, our hidden aspirations, and our purest desires.

I intend my work and life to be an example of where inspiration, imagination, & faith meet and hope that you will join me on the journey.


5 thoughts on “Inspiration, Imagination, & Faith”

  1. Shine on Ampora! You are bringing such a unique style to the Sci-Fi world and I feel blessed to have been around to see this amazing piece bloom. You have worked so hard. Bravo lady.


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