Expectant Joy


When creating anything there often appears to be a great expanse between the seed of desire to the manifestation of it. This landscape can be experienced as a vast endless desert or a plush forest offering hidden flowers fragrant with wisdom, gratitude, and the most sacred, expectant joy.

One path is arduous and slow with no guarantee of success, whereas the other rewards each step we take with the most efficient path to our goals. So why do we choose the desert? Unfortunately, we’ve been taught to do so. We’ve been taught that our desires are outside of ourselves, something to attain and work towards. Although there is work involved it is on the battlefield of our hearts and minds. The work is the unlearning of this antiquated model of success.

The moment we accept that our desires are our God given birthright and our only work is to allow them to manifest in grace and gratitude, then all we do with this intention behind it becomes the success. If we connect to the idea that there is no difference between our expectant joy of a thing that has yet manifest and the joy of its actual manifestation we eliminate the depth of distance between the two.

When we stop waiting for things to happen and enjoy and allow the fact that they are happening already, our emotions along the way of gratitude become the evidence of things yet seen. This is our faith. This is our expectant joy! And this is the flowering of a journey worth traveling.

I challenge you today to find your expectant joy because the manifestation of your creations are in the midst of it’s bloom!

I Didn’t. But I Did It Anyway


The first thing people say in response to the news that I’ve written a book, is “How did you have time to write a book?” I am a mother of three young children and honestly I didn’t have the time. But I did it anyway.

After 10 years of not finding the time, which was also great because I was living the life that expanded the ideas for my work on a deeper level, I had to finally get it on the page. Although I was still managing a household of five, for the first time I had this singular purpose which I allowed to inform all that I am responsible for.

For example, if my kids got up at 6:30am, I was up at 5am to write. If my kids were at school or napping, a time where I usually would tidy the house and spend at least an hour throughout the day on social media, I cleaned more efficiently and cut out social media to get in my writing. And then other times I allowed my children and husband to feel and observe “Mommy is writing now” because  I believe it’s good to invest time in ourselves for the benefit of our families, as well as be an example of following our dreams to our children and spouses. My point is time is relative and so are our choices and priorities.

No matter what your individual circumstances are, there’s always room for “I don’t have time” as a scapegoat for not at least reaching for your dreams.  But if you think about it, you usually have time for endless scrolling on social media, mindless TV, or vapid conversation with whomever. Instead, make your dreams the singular focus that informs the responsibilities of your life and remember time is relative so you are the real master of your own destiny. There’s no time like the present to start, because There’s Only Right Now anyway! Blessings!

Inspiration, Imagination, & Faith

I spent many years trapped within my own imagination with no sustainable outlet. I’d have bursts of inspiration, but my imagination would falter. Then at other times my imaginings were so full they couldn’t be contained to my dreams, yet I still doubted. I didn’t realize the relationship between the two is contingent on something I’d never had a shortage of when it came to getting through hard times or encouraging a friend. Faith.

Faith, imagination, and inspiration all work together to assist us in creating a life worth living! When these elements combine we can accomplish the magnificent!

It has taken me ten years to get my first story on to the page. But now that I have begun, I am determined to spend the rest of my life telling stories that inspire us to live out our greatest joys, our hidden aspirations, and our purest desires.

I intend my work and life to be an example of where inspiration, imagination, & faith meet and hope that you will join me on the journey.